TradePlus ERP

TradePlus-ERP is Cloud based integrated SAAS product that manages accounts, assemble & production, CRM, online product showcase in, Online Order, Raw material and finished goods stock inventory etc.

Modules Components

  • Accounts
    1. Voucher entry (Dual Entry)
    2. Voucher entry (Multi Entry)
    3. Batch account entry as per recursive settings
    4. Voucher Document Upload
    5. Invoice wise Bill collection
    6. Unlimited level chart of accounts
    7. Client & Supplier wise ledger
    8. PDC (Post Dated Cheque) Management
    9. Cheque Print
    10. Project/Branch wise costing and income
    11. Budget and fund requisition
    12. Profit & Loss (Tradeing, Company)
    13. Trial Balance
    14. Balance Sheet
    15. Account 360 degree report
    16. Client Outstanding (Creditors)
    17. Supplier Outstanding (Deditors)
    18. Employee Advance/Outstanding
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    1. Client communication records
    2. Quotation management
    3. Customer Order Process management
    4. Sales target and achievement monitoring
  • E-Commerce (
    1. Product showcase engine in self website
    2. Online Order by client
    3. Online Payment by client
    4. common marketplace for showcase products to online order 24 hour basis
  • Sales Invoice & Billing
    1. Sales invoice by sales person
    2. Sales Target & Achievement
    3. Sales person perfomance
    4. Client auto billing account map
    5. Sales person perfomance
    6. Auto Stock Manage (decrease)
    7. Sales 360 degree report according to area, product, sales person
  • Assemble & Manufacturing
    1. Batch wise assemble management
    2. Raw material management
    3. Warehouse/branch wise transfer and stock management
    4. Party payment schedule management
  • Warehouse/Shelf/Bin Management
    1. Bin wise stock in and out management
    2. Production batch wise stock in and out
  • Purchase & Supply-Chain
    1. Demand Requisition Management
    2. Purchase Order Management
    3. Purchase Order and Stock Receive Management
    4. Material Receive and Payable Bill generation
    5. Party payment schedule
    6. Barcode wise product stock
    7. Auto Stock Manage (increase)
    8. Branch wise product transfer
    9. Stock adjustment/Opening stock
    10. Damage Product Management
  • Warranty Management
    1. Warranty Product Search
    2. Service Request Status Management
    3. Service Billing & Collection

Key Features:

  • GST/VAT management as per Govt. rules
  • Project or Branch wise accounts
  • e-Commerce integration
  • Online Order Collection (Client Online Access)
  • Manage sales reprentative and their performance
  • Dashboard for top management
  • Email & SMS notification for accounts and invoice transaction
  • Mobile, Tab, PC based operation
  • Simplicity: easy navigation & operation
  • Interactive business analysis report generation in 360 degree report view (BI tools)
  • Summary business report snapshot emailing; like trial balance, Day book, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet
  • Data are backup in 3 location in cloud environment for protect business information from digester in fire, stolen, robbery, etc.

Product Showcase on

  • and company eCommerce website is inter-connected with Cloud-TradePlus
  • Online eCommerce and integrated Backoffice (Accounts, Stock, Sales Invoice)
  • Live Chat with individual company Products
  • Online order & online payment using card & mobile banking
  • Products search, compare product quality & price of different companies according to location
  • Manage business 24 hour, when shop are closed

TradePlus-ERP Priceing

Features/Package Basic Standard Premium On Demand
Price per Month (USD) $20 $50 $100 ...
Price per Month (BDT) 1500 5000 8000 ….
Number of Transaction per Month 300 1000 3000
Number of Branch Management 1 3
Project wise cost management
Sales Management (using Barcode)
Purchase Management
Inventory Management
Shelf/Bin wise Stock Management (using Barcode)
CRM and Marketing
Online Order Management
Target & Budget
Warranty Management
Production and Product Assembling
E-Commerce Showcase in Free Register
SMS & Email
Custom Domain Mapping
Payment Gateway Integration

Product's Snapshot